On the Oregon Trail in 1851 - Canaries, Buffalo-Chips, and Elephants

by Albert "Skip" Belanger

Follow along the Oregon Trail journey and have the wonderful experience of reading these authentic observations and recollections recorded by actual eyewitnesses to this great American saga.

Lose yourself in the romantic descriptions of the overpoweringly beautiful landscapes and the graphic accounts of the sometimes terrifying and other times lifesaving encounters with Indians.  Share the horror at seeing a child fall from a wagon and feel the parents’ pain as the wheel crushes the young body.  Shed a silent tear at the sad descriptions of the deaths of loved ones lost and buried on the Trail, never to see the fruits of their arduous struggle.  And finally, bask in the well-earned pride of having overcome such mammoth obstacles that can only be described as incredible.

Although many volumes have been written about the Oregon Trail journey, the uniqueness of this book takes you along the adventure through the words of some seventy-five different pioneers.  This fantastic journey made by these stalwart individuals is still a tale worth the re-telling more than a century and a half later.  Be taken along the vicarious adventure as a member of the wagon train in what has been called the Greatest Voluntary Migration in History.

Copies are available at the publisher’s web page:  http://www.pdbookstore.com/comfiles/pages/AlbertEdwardBelanger.shtml for $24.95 +P/H


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