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CHIEF SCANEWA: From excerpts of a report written in 1993 by John N. Millner-
  "It is documented that Scanewa was over six feet tall, very strong and highly respected for his leadership qualities. His oldest son was Richard Scanewa, otherwise known as Tyee Dick, chief of the Cowlitz, the Nisqually, and the Puyallup. Chief Scanewa had seven wives among the various tribes of western Washington. Cowlitz genealogist, Michael Hubbs indicates that many of the Cowlitz descendants of today trace back to three Scanewa daughters at Cowlitz Prairie who were married to Simon Plamondon, John McLeod, and Jean Baptiste Chalifoux. Hubbs is himself a descendant of Simon Plamondon.
  Chief Scanewa died while returning from a trip to Hudson's Bay's Fort Langley in 1828. During his visit Scanewa won big while gambling with the local Indians. Sensing a deep air of displeasure amongst the losers, Scanewa asked Hudson's Bay people if he might stay another night at the Fort. They, of course, agreed. He should have stayed even longer or asked for an escort because while proceeding home the next day, he was waylaid, robbed and murdered in full view of his wife and year-old daughter. Annie's great grandmother, Iuse Musch (Scanewa) Chalifoux, was born in 1827, married Chalifoux in 1840 at age 13, gave birth to Josephine in 1842, and Elizabeth in 1844 and died of smallpox in 1847 at age 20. Various researchers have mistakenly concluded that Iuse Musch was the wife documented by Fort Nisqually Journal as being buried by Chalifoux at Cowlitz Prairie in 1852. However,research indicates that she died at Cowlitz Prairie in 1847 as Chalifoux had not yet sold his large land claim in Lewis County at that time and did not seek employment at Fort Nisqually until 1850. The wife buried in 1852 at Ft. Nisqually was more than likely, Falenel. Chalifoux next married Sophia who bore his son, John Baptiste Junior.
   Tribal history states that Skanewa was ruler over 17 sub-chiefs and their tribes. In 1830, George Simpson said, "Nearly all the furs got now at this place pass through the hands of three chiefs or principal Indians viz. Concomely King or Chief of the Chinooks at Point George, Casseno Chief of a tribe or band settled nearly opposite Belle Vue Point and Schannaway (Scanewa) the Cowlitch Chief."     
Children of ANTON SCHANEWA) and TA WIS NA are:
2. i.   Iuse Musch (Harriet) , b. 1827, Cowlitz Settlement, Washington Territory; m. Jean Baptise Chalifoux, d. 1847, Ft. Nisqually, Washington Territory.
  ii.   Thasemuth (Veronica), m. SIMON PLAMONDON.
  iii.   Leli Kwadot (Mary), m. JOHN MCLEOD.



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