Brooks Historical Society


Our Mission

Brooks Historical Society is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. The objective of the Brooks Historical Society and Depot Museum is to educate and stimulate an interest in and knowledge of the history of Brooks, Oregon, and the surrounding areas.

Please Join Us

We would appreciate your support of our educational and historical preservation mission. Members and friends have several projects:

* preserving historic documents and photos related to our area history

*preserving local history through videotaping elders in our community, and through

* genealogy research of local families;

*  preserving local artifacts of life from days gone by in our Brooks Depot Museum

* fundraising

* sharing our history collections with visitors and members, and though our publications for sale. 

Membership Application

Become a member today. Receive our quarterly newsletters, and become a part of our vision.


Brooks Historical Society   
PO Box 9265                                       
Brooks, OR 97305



(  ) Adult Membership                             $ 15

(  ) Student Membership                          $  5
         (Elementary and High School)

(  ) Business Membership                        $ 35

(  ) Donation                                           $ _______

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Your donation to Brooks Historical Society makes you eligible for Oregon’s cultural trust tax credit. Make a matching gift to the cultural trust for free! Details are available at .