The Oregon Pioneer website originated in 1987 when I was taking computer classes that required that I design a website as a final project.  I had been researching my own pioneer familys  for several years at that point and had also gotten into the habit of collecting data on all Oregon pioneers.  I found it to be a fascinating and addicting subject.  The website has continued to grow over the years thanks to all the descendants who share their family information with me.  Because of the amount of data I am working with there may be errors.  I depend on descendants to notify me of corrections  and additions that need to be made.

Some years of emigration are more complete than others.  I continue to work on the various lists as time allows.  If someone has a name to contribute I am always happy to add it to the site.  I have an extensive database and sometimes I have information in the database that has not made it to the website yet. All contributions are welcome.  I am the sole person in charge of the website.  I design it, update it, maintain it and write the articles that are featured on it.  The exception to this is the feature done by Prof. Jim Tompkins titled "Oregon Trail 101".  It was a presentation he has taught over the years and he so very graciously contributed it to my website for the use of others.

I do not allow advertising on my website.  It was a decision I made early on.  At last count my website receives about 100,000 hits a month.  Many of those are children doing research for school projects.  I feel they get enough advertising in their lives without my adding to it.

I have had the pleasure of receiving several awards for the site, including one from the Oregon California Trail Association for my contribution to preserving the history of the Oregon Trail.  It is one I truly value.

In 2005 my husband and I retired after 36 years of owning our own business.  Although we have busy lives, I always try to make time to answer questions and make updates. It is an on-going project that will continue on as long as I am alive and able to sit at a computer.  

Happy Researching,

Stephenie Flora

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