Northwest Fur Companies

Compiled by Stephenie Flora

During the late eighteenth century and the early half of the nineteenth century, fur clothing was very popular in Europe, especially in England.   They were not only used for luxury, but also for warmth, for central heating was uncommon in those days.  Of all, the furs, the beaver was by far the most popular.    The demand for beaver hats was a driving force behind the quest for the beaver.  The search for beaver had begun in Canada and in the eastern American colonies.  As the supply of this fur bearing animal was depleted in an area, the mountain men, whose livelihood depended on this animal, moved west until there was no area untouched.  By 1840 the trappers were starting to experience hard times.  The beaver had been trapped into almost extinction and silk hats had become the new fashion in Europe.

Hudson Bay Company

Pacific Fur Company

Northwest Fur Company:

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