Across the Plains, Mountains and Deserts--Trail Diary Bibliography is a listing of all known diaries and reminiscences and their depositories compiled by Will Bagley in co-operation with the National Park Service

Paper Trail is the website database created by the Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) from thousands of trail-related documents of the 19th century. Whether people traveled west for gold, land, religious freedom or new opportunity, they wrote diaries, letters, articles, and recollections about the journey. From over 3500 original documents Paper Trail organizes information into an easy to search database, featuring over 74000 searchable names. Reports include dates, routes, travel parties, locations, and interesting features. It also lists where you can locate each document or its copy. Includes a 6+ page survey form for each document. Name searches are free. Reports require a modest subscription fee.

NW Chapter of OCTA features a look at the early history of Oregon. It also provides a calendar of events for those interested in visiting trails and learning more about the Northwest. Be sure and stop by for a visit.

The Oregon-California Trail Association also known as OCTA, has been dedicated to preserving the Oregon Trail and its history. Be sure and check the site for links to the individual OCTA Chapter Web Sites and visit the OCTA Book Store

Overland Trail by Liz Larson is an excellent site.

The Cherokee Trail by Jack and Pat Fletcher.  An excellent look at a trail many took in their journey to reach Oregon.

The Oregon Trail brought to you by Mike Trinklein and Steve Boettcher, is based on the award winning documentary film which was aired nationally on PBS Stations.


The CA Pioneer Project offers lists of individuals that settled in California prior to 1880. Be sure and check this site out.

CA GenWeb offers county sources for finding early pioneers to California. Many early emigrants to Oregon moved to California and vice versa.

CA Library Holdings Database provides listings of holdings in the CA library system and their location


Idaho Historical Society

Idaho GenWeb provides county sources for the state of Idaho


Washington State Digital Archives  searchable database of Washington State records

Washington State Library biographies, and genealogical related records

Washington GenWeb provides county sources for the state of Washington

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