Whitman Massacre - Sources:

Compiled by Stephenie Flora
copyright 2004

The Letters and Journal of Narcissa Prentiss Whitman, Mss #1204 Oregon Historical Society

Letters of Marcus Whitman, Mss #1203 Oregon Historical Society

"Oregon Spectator" , newspaper printed in Oregon City

"Lorinda Bewley and the Whitman Massacre" , by Myra Sager Helm, Printed by the Pacific Northwest National Parks and Forests Association.

"Shallow Grave At Waiilatpu: The Sagers' West", Erwin N. Thompson, Printed 1985 Western Imprints,The Press of The Oregon Historical Society.

"Seven For Oregon" , by Cornelia Shields, Printed by

"Marcus Whitman, The Great Command" , by Nard Jones, Printed by

"The Cayuse Indians" , by Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown, Printed by

"Oregon Sunday Journal" , May 25, 1930 Sec I page 9, an interview with Mrs. H.E. Warren. and a second article documenting the presentation of a bible owned by Lorinda Bewley to the Whitman College.

Oregon Journal article entitled "Lorinda and Five Crows; Cayuse Tribe Chief Courted White Girl Following Massacre" by Alice Wheeler Greve.


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