Emigrants to Oregon in 1841

compiled by Stephenie Flora

copyright 2017


By 1841, the Oregon country was starting to receive more attention in the legislative quarters in the east.  There were several senators interested in pursuing the settlement of the Oregon country.  Others, with deep ties to England, were fearful of causing a confrontation.  Several years earlier, Lt. Charles Wilkes of the US Exploring Expedition had been sent to voyage around the world.  By 1841, Wilkes, of the US Navy, had reached the Northwest Coast and was involved in making a detailed survey of the Oregon county.  In June 1841 he is documented as visiting Champoeg in what is now Marion County, Oregon.

Meanwhile, in the east, it had been decided to send an overland expedition into the country between Missouri and the Rocky Mountains.  The mission was reportedly to study the terrain and provide maps for further exploration of the area.  Lt. John Charles Fremont was chosen to lead this party.  In numerous meetings with those in favor of settling the northwest, it was decided that during his journey he would also be looking for terrain favorable to wagons with the idea toward future migration.  

Another group with settlement goals in mind is found in the Red River Settlement in Canada.  Due to unrest in the area a group was being formed to travel to the Hudson's Bay Company settlement at Puget Sound with the intent of farming and furthering their interests in the area.  Family Histories of the French Canadians can be found at Ancestors of the French Canadians to Oregon prior to 1842 by Raymonde Gauthier

As all this was going on in the Oregon country, the Bidwell-Bartleson party was forming with the intent of emigrating to California.  On May 8th, 2 miles west of the Kansas River, the party formed and adopted the rules that would be used throughout the journey.  John Bartleson was elected Captain at this time.  While my focus is on the Oregon Territory I have included a list of those in this party.  For additional information refer to the publication "Bidwell-Bartleson Party, 1841 California Emigrant Adventure" by Dr. Doyce B. Nunis Jr. and NoTrail To Follow by Michael E. LaSalle

The following list has been compiled from a variety of sources.  Any additions and corrections would be most welcome.  If you wish to be listed as a family researcher for a particular family please contact me at the email address at the bottom of the page.  The number preceding an individual's name denotes the party that they traveled with.

*1)  Selkirk Epedition led by James Sinclair consisted of 25 families from the Selkirk Settlement in the Red River district of Canada.  The exact number of individuals attributed to this group in the various reports range dramatically from 80-200.  John Flett, who was a member of the expedition states in his reminiscences of the Selkirk Settlement to Puget Sound in 1841that there were 80 persons in the group.  Many of the families were Metis.  They were bound for the HBC colony at Puget Sound in an effort to help colonize the Pacific Northwest.  After their arrival they found that many of the promises that had been made to them were broken.  Within a few years many of these families had moved into the Willamette Valley of what is now Oregon.

*2) Bidwell-Bartleson party consisted of approximately 60 individuals, rendezvoused at Sapling Grove May 12, 1841.  Included in the party was Joseph B. Chiles, Charles M. Weber and James John; nine members of this party set out from Sutters Fort in April 1842 to make the return trip east.  The party included Joseph B. Chiles.

*3) Lt. Charles Wilkes expedition.  The United States Exploring Expedition (aka the Wilkes Expedition)  was an exploring and surveying expedition of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding lands that took place from 1838-1842.  It consisted of 7 ships (USS Vincennes-sloop of war commanded by Charles Wilkes, USS Peacock-sloop of war commanded by William L. Hudson, USS Relief-full rigged ship commanded by Andrew K. Long, USS Porpoise-brig commanded by Cadwalader Ringgold, USS Sea Gull, schooner commanded by James W. E. Reid, USS Flying Fish, schooner commanded by Samuel R. Knox, USS Oregon-brig The full roster of individuals participating in this expedition has not been found but I have noted those who were known to have been involved.  On July 18, 1841 the USS Peacock ran aground at the mouth of the Columbia River at Cape Disappointment and sank.  All members of the crew escaped in life boats and none were lost.

*4) Jesuit Missionary Party of Father Pierre-Jean De Smet bound for Flathead Indian country;  guided by Thomas Fitzpatrick.  Joined the Bidwell-Bartleson party to make a party of 70 individuals, the majority single men.


 Emigrants To Oregon In 1841

*3) ALLEN, George T.: member of Wilkes expedition

*2) APPLEGATE, Lucretia Mary (1818- ): m'd 1835 KELSEY, Samuel; cut off for CA; found in the 1850 Union, Trinity Co, CA census

*4) BAKER, Capt. John (1816-1908): m'e 1839 HALEY, Nancy B.; emigrated in 1841, returned east and brought family to OR in 1847; thought to be buried at Lee Mission Cemetery, Salem, Marion Co, OR

*2) BARNETT, Elias: cut off for CA

*2) BARTLESON, John: cut off for CA; elected Captain of 1841 train toCalifornia; traveled with a party of Catholic missionaries that wereled by Thomas Fitzpatrick; returned to Missouri in summer of 1842 via New Mexico.

*2) BELDEN, Josiah: cut off for CA

*2) BELTY, William: cut off for CA

*1) BERNIER, Francois (1806-1876): m1. 27 Feb 1843 LUCIER, Pelagie; m2. 22 May 1858 DESPARD, Marie; s/o Francois and Genevieve (Layote/Ayotte); settled at St. Paul, Marion County, OR; father of six children by first wife (Norbert, Marie, Leocadie, Clarisse, Francois and David); father of two children by second wife (Joseph and Pierre); arrived in 1841 (probably with the Selkirk Expedition) but is not included in the list James Sinclair made of the Selkirk Expedition members.

*1) BERNIER, Isidore (1827- ): s/o Julien Bernier; information on Isidore is difficult to obtain.  He is living in the WT through 1847.  The Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest list Marcell Isidore Bernier as one person which is an error.  In the transactions listed for Isidore in the church records he is always listed as "able to sign" his name, while Marcell is listed as "not able to sign" his name.   Isidore is listed with his father and brother in the 1847 petition against claim jumping noted in the Oregon Spectator newspaper.  After that mention no citations can be found for him.  It is possible that he is the Isidore Bernier found in CA census records.

*1) BERNIER, Julien (1794-aft 1870): m'd Indian woman possibly named Marguerite; went to work for the HBC at an early age as a steersman; was at Fort Spokane in 1819 and remained in the Columbia District for a number of years.  When he retired he returned to Canada to obtain his release and in 1841 returned to the NW.  He is found in the census records living in Cowlitz, Lewis Co, WA. where he appears to have remained until his death.

*1) BERNIER, Marcell (1819-1889): m'd 20 Feb 1844 BERCIER, Cecile; s/o Julien Bernier;  

*2) BIDWELL, General John: cut off for CA; member of 1841 party toCalifornia. Oregon Historical Society MSS#1508 34pp reminiscence, printed pamphlet,"Echoes of the Past: An Account of the First Emigrant Train to California"

*1) BIRD, Charlotte (1821-1851): m'd 15 Nov 1833 FLETT, John; d/o James Curtis and (Elizabeth) Bird; born 1821 Red River District, Canada; died 06 Jul 1851 Forest Grove, Washington Co, OR; buried Forest View Cemetery, Forest Grove, Washington Co, OR; mother of eight children (Sarah, Elizabeth, Joanah, Margaret Arilla, Letitia, Lydia, David James and William Harvey)

*1) BIRD, Chloe ( -1842): m'd 25 Apr 1833 FLETT, James; d/o James Curtis and (Elizabeth) Bird; died in 22 Jan 1842 during childbirth at Tualatin Plains, Washington Co, OR; her husband died the next year.

*1) BIRD, Letitia: m'd 1827 MCKAY, Charles Richard; emigrated with husband and 3 children; had her 4th child while resting at Spokane; later settled in Washington Co, OR

*1) BIRSTON, Alexander (c1810-1867): m'd TAIT, Janette L.; s/o Magnus Birston and his Indian wife; Alexander Birston was amongst those listed by James Sinclair as making the 1841 emigration from the Red River Colony of Selkirk.  census records taken from that location show that he was a Protestant.  While it is known that he did make the journey,  it is confusing to note that he is listed in the 1843 census for the Red River District.  It is unknown if he returned for a brief time or if there is an error in the records.  By 1850 he is listed in Washington County, OR with his family.  He remained in Oregon through 1858 but is found living in Clark Co, WA in 1860.  Alexander reportedly traveled with his wife and four children but only the names of three of the children making the emigration are known. In the 1840 census he is listed with two sons and two daughters.   Alexander was the father of 8 known children (John, William J., Jane, unknown daughter, Magnus B., Isabel A., Mary Letitia and Martha Caroline)

*1) BIRSTON, Daughter (c1840- ): d/o Alexander and Janette (Tait) Birston

*1) BIRSTON, James M. (1809- ): m'd Dec 1827 ROWLAND, Grizzel; s/o Magnus Birston and his Indian wife; settled on the Tualatin Plains, Washington Co, OR; James was the father of 8 known children (Miles, Nancy, Maria, James, Elizabeth, Mary, William and Sarah)

*1) BIRSTON, James (1841- ) s/o James and Grizzell (Rowland) Birston; born in the Rocky Mountains on the way to Oregon Territory

*1) BIRSTON, Jane (1839- ): d/o Alexander and Janette (Tait) Birston

*1) BIRSTON, John (1832- ): s/o Alexander and Janette (Tait) Birston

*1) BIRSTON, Maria (1837- ): d/o James and Grizzell (Rowland) Birston

*1) BIRSTON, Miles (1831- ): m'd 1859 Spence, Harriet (MCKAY); s/o James and Grizzell (Rowland) Birston

*1) BIRSTON, Nancy (1835- ): d/o James and Grizzell (Rowland) Birston

*1) BIRSTON, William J. (1837- ): s/o Alexander and Janette (Tait) Birston

*4) BOILEAU, L.: teamster with missionary party

*1) BRACONIER, Louise: m1. KLYNE, Joseph; m2. DEMERS, Charles; marriage dates unknown; one source states that she was already at Norway house near Vancouver in 1838 and onother that she emigrated from Red River District to Columbia District in 1841 with her first husband

*2) BROLASKI, Henry Lyons: cut off for CA

*1) BRUCE, Jane: m'd CUNNINGHAM, John

*1) BUDD, Nancy: m'd 1830 CALDER, Horatio Nelson; emigrated to Columbia District with husband and 7 children; later moved to Washington County, OR

BURSTON: See Birston; this name appears to be spelled Birston in the early Red River District census records but in later Oregon and Washington records it is found as Burston.

*1) BUXTON, Henry Jr. (1829- ): m'd 1846 WOOLEY, Rosanna; Henry Jr was born in 1829 in the Selkirk District, Canada; he arrived in the northwest with his father  in the Red River emigration of 1841; he spent a brief time in what is now Washington state before settling in Washington Co, OR

*1) BUXTON, Henry Sr. (1793-1870): m1. 1828 THOMAS, Frances; m2. 1843 MUNGER, Sarah Eliza Mrs; Henry Sr. was born in Derbyshire, England prior to removing to Canada; he arrived in the northwest in the  Red River emigration of 1841; his frist wife died from a fall from her horse shortly after arriving in the west; he spent a brief time in what is now Washington state before settling in Washington Co, OR; a letter by Mrs. Sarah E. Buxton in 1843 states that they had never received their land patent and had sold the land; Henry Sr. died at Forest Grove in 1870.


*1) CALDER, Horatio Nelson (1806- ): m'd BUDD, Nancy; s/o John and Sarah (Humphrey) Calder; father was surgeon for HBC;  later settled in Washington Co, OR;

*2) CARROLL, Mr.: cut off for OR

*2) CHANDLER, David W.: cut off for CA

*4) CHAUSSIE, E.: teamster with missionary party

*2) CHILES, Joseph Ballinger Colonel: member of theBidwell-Bartleson party to California; returned to Missouri in summer of 1842 via New Mexico with several other members of original party; returned to CA in 1843; traveled back and forth on trail for several years.

CLARK, Harvey Rev.:

CLAESSENS, William: Jesuit brother with missionary party

COCHRAN, Mr: m'd 1841 GREY, Betsey;

*2) COOK, Grove C.:cut off for CA 

*4) COVIONS, L. L.: teamster with missionary party; aka COING

*1) CUNNINGHAM, John:  m'd BRUCE, Jane;

*2) DAWSON, Nicholas "Cheyenne": gained name "Cheyenne" when he was taken captive by Cheyenne Indians while out hunting. He was relieved of his mule and guns but was released after a period of time.; cut off for CA

*2) DAWSON, V. W.: some sources state he is a brother of Nicholas while other state there is no evidence to support that claim; cut off for CA

*4) DESMET, Pierre Jean: well known Jesuit father who had worked with various tribes was traveling with the missionary party

DOUGHTY, William Martin (May 1812-1872): m'd SHOSHONE, Pigeon

"Rocky Mountain man and early settler, was born in Tenn., and after years of trapping in the Far West, settled at West Chehalem, Oregon, 1841.  He was present at the Wolf Meeting of March, 1843, and appointed to a committee on animal protection and bounty claims; and to legislative committee at May 2 meeting, where he voted for civil government.  In 1852, by Rev. J. S. Griffin, he was joined in Christian wedlock to his Indian wife, 'Miss Pigeon Shoshone of Green River, Wyoming, Rocky Mountains' who with their children came to Oregon with him.  He lived out his life as a farmer." [Dictionary of Oregon History edited by Howard McKinley Corning p. 75]


*1) DUBOIS, Suzanne: m'd 1820 PLOURDE, Francois; later settled in Marion Co, OR

ELD, Henry: Oregon Historical Society MSS# 564 4pp letter

*4) FITZPATRICK, Thomas: well known trapper and guide who was leading missionary party

*1) FLETT. Charlotte (c1839- ): m'd KING, William Cornwallis; d/o James and Chloe (Bird) Flett

*1) FLETT, David: Oregon Historical Society: MSS# 335, 5pp reminiscence (written by son).

*1) FLETT, Elizabeth (1841- ): d/o John and Charlotte (Bird) Flett

*1) FLETT, James ( -1843) : m'd 25 Apr 1833 BIRD, Chloe; s/o George and Margaret (Whitford) Flett; died near Walla Walla, WA in 1843; his wife had died the year before in Washington Co, OR; their children were adopted out to various families

*1) FLETT, Jemima (c1840- ): d/o James and Chloe (Bird) Flett; taken in by Mckay and John Flett families after parents died

*1) FLETT, John (1815-1892): m1.15 Nov 1833 BIRD, Charlotte; m2. 24 Nov 1855 MCKAY, Margaret; m3. 01 Feb 1858 Cooper, Ellen (MONROE); s/o George and Margaret (Whitford) Flett; born 05 Aug 1815 Winnipeg, Canada; died 12 Dec 1892, Lakewood, Pierce Co, WA; buried Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA; father of eight children  by first wife (Sarah, Elizabeth, Joanah, Margaret Arilla, Letitia, Lydia, David James and William Harvey); father of four children by third wife (E.C., John Joseph, Annie and Andrew S.)  

"John Flett died at Steilacoom a few days ago, aged 77. He came to this state from Winnipeg in 1841. He was intimately connected with the early history of the territory, having been present at many of the conferences between the territorial officers and the Indians, both in Washington and Oregon. At several of these councils he acted as interpreter. He was also present at the final and grand council held by Governor Stevens and General Palmer with the several tribes near Walla Walla. In 1859 Mr. Flett settled at South Prairie, in Pierce county, and engaged in farming. He remained there until 1868, when he purchased his recent home near Lake View, about six miles from Tacoma.� [Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR, December 17, 1892 p.4] Selkirk Settlement to Puget Sound in 1841 by John Flett

*1) FLETT, Margaret (c1834): d/o James and Chloe (Bird) Flett

*1) FLETT, Mary (c1837- ): d/o James and Chloe (Bird) Flett; adopted by Archibald McKinley after the death of her parents

*1) FLETT, Mother; mother of William Flett

*1) FLETT, Sarah (1839- ): d/o John and Charlotte (Bird) Flett

*1) FLETT, William: accompanied to Oregon by mother and his four children

*2) FLUGGE, Charles W.:  cut off for OR

*2) FOWLER, William: cut off for OR [aka Towler]

*4) FRYE, Amos E., pleasure seeker traveling with missionary party; turned back at Green River July 25, 1841

*1) GAGNON, Francois ( -1849): m'd MARCELLAIS, Angelique; emigrated with wife and 5 children; moved to Cowlitz area to be near family and friends in 1842; went to CA in 1849 during gold rush and died there; his widow remarried Edward Bellinger

*2) GEDDES, Paul: was traveling under the name Talbot H. Green.  He had embezzled funds from his bank and was absconding with the money under an alias. cut off for CA

*2) GREEN, Talbot H.: see Paul Geddes

GREGORIC, E. S.: settled in Marion county

GREY, Child ( -1841): d/o Betsey (Roberts) Grey; see story of family under Betsey Roberts

*4) GREY, John: Iroqouis hunter traveling with missionary party; turned back at Green River July 25, 1841


*2) HENSHAW, George:: cut off for CA

*2) HILL, David F.: cut off for OR

*2) HOPPER, Charles:  cut off for CA

*2) HUBER, Henry: cut off for CA

*2) HUCKABEE, Keziah "Lizzie" (c1798- ): m'd 1815 WILLIAMS, Richard; buried in Washington Co Pioneer Cemetery

*4) HUET, Charles: Jesuit brother with missionary party

*2) JOHN, James: traveled with Chiles and Weaver; met Bidwell-Bartlesoncompany on Blue River; cut off for CA; became separated from rest of party buteventually reacher Sutters Mill. Oregon Historical Society 63pp diary, copy and microfilm

*2) JONES, J.M.: cut off for OR

*2) JONES, Thomas: probably the Jones that turned back at Green River July 25, 1841

*1) JOYALE, Toussaint (c1805- ): m'd 26 Sep 1825 LAPOINTE, Marguerite

*2) KELSEY, Andrew (c1821-1849): emigrated to CA with brotherBenjamin while other brothers, Isaiah and Samuel went to Oregon; he was killed by Indians near Clear Lake and Kelseyville, CA

*2) KELSEY, Benjamin (1813-1889): m'd 1838 ROBERTS,Nancy: emigrated to CA; made and lost several fortunes; involved in moving cattled from CA to BC; had sawmill near Sonoma; mined for gold in Eldorado county, CA; helped establish the towns of Kelseyville, Urekah and Arcada in CA; had a thirteen year old daughter that was scalped by Indians but lived several years after the incident; 1843 traveled to OR with his family; 1844 returned to CA.

*2) KELSEY, Isiah [aka Zdidiah] "Zade" (c1817-1888): m'd 1841 WILLIAMS,Winny; settled in Washington Co; died in Yamhill Co

*2) KELSEY, Joseph (1839-1920): s/o Samuel and Lucretia (Applegate) Kelsey; 1850 living in Union, Trinity Co, CA

*2) KELSEY, Martha Ann (1839- ): d/o Benjamin and Nancy (Roberts) Kelsey; cut off for CA

*2) KELSEY, Mary A. (1836- ): d/o Benjamin and Nancy (Roberts) Kelsey; 1cut off for CA; 850 living in Union, Trinity Co, CA

*2) KELSEY, Samuel (c1819- ): m'd 1835 APPLEGATE,Lucretia; cut off for OR with wife and 5 children; died in Yavapai Co, AZ

*2) KELSEY, Sarah A. (01 Jan 1838-21 Mar 1909): m'd HUGHES, John; d/o Samuel and Lucretia (Applegate) Kelsey; 1850 living in Union, Trinity Co, CA

*2) KELSEY, William (1835-1871): s/o Samuel and Lucretia (Applegate) Kelsey; 1850 living in Union, Trinity Co, CA

KING, Henry Wakefield: m'd 1842 KLICKITAT, Mary Ann

*1) KLYNE, Joseph: m'd BRACONIER, Louise; later settled in Marion County, OR

*1) LAPOINT, Margaret: m'd 26 Sep 1825 JOYALE, Toussaint

*1) LAROCQUE, Louis: m'd TOUSSAINT, Marie

*1) LAROQUE, Pierre:: emigrated with wife and 3 children

LINETER, Richard:

*1) MARCELLAIS, Angelique: m1. GAGNON, Francois; m2. BELLINGER, Edward

*4) MAST, William: trapper traveling with missionary party; turned back at Green River July 25, 1841

*2) MCDOWELL, John:

*1) MCKAY, Charles Richard (1805-1873): m'd 1827 BIRD, Letitia

*1) MCKAY, Charles Richard Jr.: m'd 1820 SPENCE, Mary; s/o Charles and Letitia (Bird) McKay

*1) MCKAY, Maria: m'd PLUMEY, George; d/o Charles and Letitia (Bird) McKay

*1) MCKAY, Mary: m'd ELLIOTT, [   ]; d/o Charles and Letitia (Bird) McKay

*1) MCKAY, Nancy Ann: m'd EPLER, [   ]; d/o Charles and Letitia (Bird) McKay

*2) MCMAHAN, Nelson:cut off for CA 

*2) MCMAHAN, Samuel Green: cut off for CA

*4) MENGARINI, Gregory: Jesuit father with missionary part 

MOUNTAIN, Thomas Sullivan Capt. (01 Apr 1822-08 Aug 1915): m'd 17 Aug 1842 BARRY, Margaret Francis; born in England, spent the majority of his life at sea; was a member of the crew of the sloop Peacock that was lost while attempting to enter the Columbia River on July 18, 1841 as part of the Wilkes Expedition; spent the latter part of his life in Portland, Oregon; father of eight children (Mary Ann, John J., Margaret Francis, Elizabeth, Thomas J., Catherine Frances, Theresa and Agnes Genoveva)

*2) NYE, Michael C.: cut off for CA

OVERTON, William P.: worked for Methodist Mission at The Dalles; 1843 laid claim to land in what is now Portland; work that he did on the land in partnership with Asa Lovejoy was the beginning of Portland; ran out by high water in June 1844; left country.



*2) PATTON, Andrew Gwinn: cut off for CA

*2) PEYTON, Henry; turned back at Green River July 25, 1841

*2) PFEIFFER, August: cut off for Oregon

*2) PHELAN, Richard: reportedly married Betsy (Roberts) Gray on the trail and cutoff for Oregon with her and her daughter by her first marriage.  Richard Phelan had one eye and joined the Bidwell party at Ft. Laramie

*4) PIGA, Mr.: frenchman; trapper with missionary party; turned back at Green River July 25, 1841

*1) PLOURDE, Francois dit Jacques (c1795- ): m'd 1820 DUBOIS, Suzanne;member of Red River emigration; was around 50 years old when he made the emigration with his wife and sons

*4) POINT, Nicholas: Jesuit father traveling with missionary party

*1) RHELLE, Baptiste:: emigrated with wife and one child

*2) RICKMAN, Robert: cut off for CA

*2) ROBERTS, Betsey: m'd Grey, Mr.; sister of Nancy (Roberts) Kelsey; there are two stories surrounding Betsey Roberts, one states that she married Cochran on trail; turned back for east at Fort Boise. The child by her first marriage died 3 days before reaching her destination and they carried the body with them the last three days; the second story is that she married Richard Phelan and cut off for Oregon at Fort Boise with him and her daughter.

*2) ROBERTS, Nancy: m'd KELSEY, Benjamin; accompanied husband to CA

*4) RODGERS, Mr.: pleasure seeker traveling with missionary party; turned back at Green River July 25, 1841

*2) ROGERS, Edward:  cut off for OR

*2) ROLAND, John: cut off for CA

*4) ROMAINE, W.G.: an Englishman; pleasure seeker traveling with the missionary party; turned back at Green River July 25, 1841

*2) ROSS, James: cutoff for OR

*2) SCWARTZ, John L.: cut off for CA

*2) SHOTWELL, James: later was the victim of an accidental self inflicted gunshot wound June 13th; lingered for 2 hours before dying; was buried by Rev. Williams.

*2) SIMPSON, George: turned back at Fort Laramie June 22, 1841

*1) SINCLAIR, James: led emigrating company from Red River District to Columbia District; led a second group in 1854

*4) SPEIGHT, Joseph: Jesuit brother with missionary party

*1) SPENCE, Archibald: emigrated out of the Red RiverDistrict

*1) SPENCE, John C.: emigrated out of the Red RiverDistrict

*2) SPRINGER, James Peter:cut off for CA 

*1) ST. GERMAIN, Pierre(1790-1870): m'd SUTHERLAND, Lizette; emigrated with wife and 5 children

*2) STONE, Elisha: returned east June 5th with a party of American Fur Company trappers

*1) SUTHERLAND, Lizette: m'd ST. GERMAIN, Pierre

*1) TAIT, John: accompanied son-in-law and daughter, Alexander  and Janette (Tait) Birston

*1) TATE: see TAIT

*1) THOMAS, Frances: ( -c1841): m'd 1828 BUXTON, Henry Sr.; arrived from in the Red River emigration; died from a fall from her horse shortly after arrival

*2) THOMAS, Robert H.: cut off for CA

*2) THOME, Robert Hasty: cut off for CA

*2) WALTON, Ambrose: cut off for CA

*2) WALTON, Major: cut off for CA

*2) WEBER, Charles M.: cut off for CA

*3) WILKES, Charles Lt.: in 1837 sent on Exploring Expedition around the world, including the NW coast; Wilkes, of the US Navy, made a detailed survey of the Oregon country in 1841; by June 1841 he was visiting at Champoeg.

*2) WILLIAMS, Asa (1827-1901): m'd SMITH, Mary; s/o Richard and Keziah (Huckabee) Williams; 1850 living in Washington Co with parents; by 1860 was living in Douglas Co

*2) WILLIAMS, Joseph (c1777- ): methodist minister who came to OR alone at the age of 64; returned to IN in 1842; published an account of his "Tour To The Oregon Territory"

*2) WILLIAMS, Martha (1829-1917): m'd REED, Jacob T..; d/o Richard and Keziah (Huckabee) Williams; moved with husband and family to CA; 1860 in Contra Costa Co; 1880 in San Diego Co; died in CA

*2) WILLIAMS, Nathan (1836- ): s/o Richard and Keziah (Huckabee) Williams; 1850 living in Washington Co with parents

*2) WILLIAMS, Richard (1796- ): m'd 1815 HUCKABEE, Keziah; cut off for OR and settled in Washington County;  in 1843 Richard's two oldest sons, Benjamin and David Williams came to OR

*2) WILLIAMS, Samuel (1833- ): m'd JOLLY, Anna Elizabeth; s/o Richardand Lizzie (Huckabee) Williams; 1850 living in Washington Co with parents

*2) WILLIAMS, Sarah (c1839- ): d/o Richardand Keziah (Huckabee) Williams; 1850 living in Washington Co with parents

*2) WILLIAMS, Winifred "Winny" (1825-1905): m'd 1841 KELSEY, Isaiah: d/o Richard & Keziah (Huckabee)Williams; married on the trail to OR; died in Hillsboro, Washington Co and is buried in the pioneer cemetery there

*1) WOOLEY, Rosanna: m'd BUXTON, Henry Jr.

*1) WREN, Michael (c1825- ): m'd 1846 [   ], Christiana; father was German; mother was Indian; later settled in Washington Co, OR

*1) ZASTRE, Gonracque: started out with wife and 6 children in the Red River expedition but turned back with his family at Edmonton


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