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Other News

On Saturday, June 16, 2018 our Brooks Historical Society Celebration will feature

"Historic Gervais"

The celebration will be from 10 am to 3 pm at the Brooks Depot Museum. Gates open at 9 am and entrance is free to attendees.

 There will be short presentations by BHS members and community members on an overview of Gervais history, important people in the past, and ethnic groups that have made Gervais their home.

We will announce and award the $100 prize to the winner of the BHS essay contest for grades 7 through 12 on “Historic Gervais.”  The winner will read their essay. You can download a copy of the essay contest rules and cover sheet

Gervais Essay Application 

Join us for a Potluck lunch at noon, with cake, hot and cold drinks, and dinnerware furnished by BHS

Browse our spource materials, bring your own pictures and memorabilia, buy books.  The public is welcome. 

Our New Caboose, CBQ Waycare # 14411

Members of Brooks Historical Society, are delighted to have our new caboose, which we will use as an office and storage area, freeing up room in the museum to restore it more fully as it was as a working depot.  For more information, see the Current Project link.

 Farm House Museum

Members of Brooks Historical Society, particularly Dorene Standish, have helped finish and furnish the Farm House Museum near the entrance to Poweland Heritage Park.

Two rooms, a kitchen and a parlor, are available to view, furnished in the style of an early 20th century farmhouse.  Be sure to visit for a view of home life during the time when steam engines were in their prime.

Great Oregon Steam-Up

Join us for the annual Steam-Up at Antique Powerland, the last weekend in July and the first weekend in August. Again this year, Brooks Historical will be selling over 1000 used books, and selling breakfast, lunch drinks and snacks in our food tent.

 Children are invited to play the Passport Game during Steam-Up, or ask us about our BHS Alphabet Game, which is always available.

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