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Other News

The Brooks Historical Society is excited to announce that we are making major changes in the freight room exhibits! Because of this we cannot offer tours for the remainder of the 2021 season. Come admire our new look in the Spring of 2022! 


Cruising Through Powerland

Though Powerland Heritage Park remained closed to visitors for the duration of 2020, the association of museums arranged for several “drive through” events, one on each of our main celebration dates; Fourth of July, the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August, and the traditional truck show date in August. Participants enjoyed over a mile of winding road through the Park, with most museums displaying items from inside their museums including a few operating machines such as steam tractors and small steam engines, plus a scavenger hunt.  Here is a photo of our Brooks Historical Exhibit.

There is a plan in the works to have a drive through event highlighting Christmas lights on museums and exhibits during 6 evenings during the Christmas season, donation only. Check our Facebook page for details.

Brooks Celebration Day 2021 is Cancelled

Brooks Celebration Day 2022

Though delayed by one year, the Gervais High School Reunion celebrating 100 years of Gervais High School is slated for June 18, 2022.  Check our Facebook page for current details.

Our Re-Designed Agent's Office in the Depot

During the past year, with effort by Leah and Ed Duda, the agent's office has been repainted and re-designed to look more like it did in the 1900s. Enjoy the effect of walking into a train station office much as it would have appeared then. Future work will re-open the old reception area, when our office can be moved to the caboose.

Our Caboose, CBQ Waycare # 14411

Work continues on the repair of our 1911 caboose, which we will use as an office and storage area, freeing up room in the museum to restore it more fully as it was as a working depot.  For more information, see the Current Project link.

Farm House Museum

Members of Brooks Historical Society, particularly Dorene Standish, have helped finish and furnish the Farm House Museum near the entrance to Powerland Heritage Park.

Two rooms, a kitchen and a parlor, are available to view, furnished in the style of an early 20th century farmhouse.  Be sure to visit for a view of home life during the time when steam engines were in their prime.

Great Oregon Steam-Up

Join us for the Great Oregon Steam-Up at Powerland Heritage Park, the last weekend in July and the first weekend in August. In 2021, PHP will celebrate 50 years of holding this event!